Welcome to the Pembrokeshire Scouts Beaver Dabble Day 2020! All videos for the day are listed below, please read through your programme and watch the videos in order. We hope you have fun! Remember to take photos and if you are happy to share them send them to info@pembrokeshirescouts.org.uk

All activities to have adult supervision at all times.

Files to support the day

10:00 – Opening Videos

10:15 – Contacting Santa

10:45 – Christmas Lava Lamp

11:30 – Roll the Elf

12:00 – Snow Globe

12.30 – Time for lunch

Refer to the programme, here is a video from a past event if you get stuck – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bvplWHr_AM

13:00 – Little Christmas Cookie House

13:30 – Christmas Mug Cake

14:00 – Christmas Wire Trees

14:30 – Christmas Poppers

15:00 – Sock Snowman

15:30 – Closing Session

Please refer to your email for the Zoom details.