Please use the form below to submit your proposed activity for approval by the relevant person. The recipient of the submitted form is dependent on the activity chosen, please refer to the flow chart to see who will receive your submitted form.

GSL approvals – these do not require a form submission, in these cases please have a discussion about your activity and risk assessment with your GSL. It is suggested that you discuss your whole term plan (with risk assessments) with your GSL in one sitting if you can to save both you and them time.

This form must be submitted at least 10 DAYS before your activity. If you have not received a response within 7 days after submission, please forward the automated response you will receive after using this form to your Section AAC and copy in the original approver.

Risk Assessment & Nights Away Notification Form

You will need to submit a Risk Assessment (RA) to complete the form submission, please see The Scouts RA Template here. You are welcome to use your own template though.

If your activity is overnight, you will also need to submit a Nights Away Notification (NAN) form. You have 2 options in this case:

  1. Use the Pembrokeshire Scouts Online NAN form (mobile friendly) – this will create a PDF form that will be emailed to you. Please then follow the form below and attach the NAN at the end (along with RA).
  2. Please download The Scouts NAN template (MS Word Doc) and complete. Please then follow the form below and attach the NAN at the end (along with RA).

Activity approval flowchart – click to enlarge

For further guidance, see the following:

Activity Approval and Risk Assessment Submission

If you require any assistance filling this form in, please contact either your section AAC, AC or DC.

(has the Area pre-approved a location away from your hall e.g. a park local to your hall)
Elevated risk of injury - i.e. firelighting. If an adventurous activity permit is required, it is high risk

Details of Form Submitter

Activity Details

Venue and address
Ratio: 1 adult to young people
By submitting this form you accept that this ratio is in accordance with POR.
If 'No', you will be asked for their email address so that they are notified.

Attach your documents

Ignore below this line - used to determine who to send this form to.

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