A certain level of training is required for any adult taking up a role within Scouting. Please discuss the training requirements with you GSL/Training Adviser to ensure that you are fully aware of what needs to be done. You can view your current training progress at any time by visiting Compass.

Mandatory Online Training

Please follow the links below to complete mandatory training online. When complete, print/save your certificate and provide a copy to your Training Adviser/Area Training Manager. The mandatory training that you complete depends on your role.

Please note that First Aid is mandatory, however this is not available online and must be obtained via a face to face course. You will be invited to the next course if you require First Aid. If you already hold a valid First Aid certificate, please provide a copy to your Training Adviser/Area Training Manager.

If you are unsure what you need to do refer to the module matrix or discuss with your Training Adviser.

Module 1 – Essential Information (excl Executive Committee Members)
Module 1E – Essential Information (Executive Committee Members)
Module 3 – Tools for the role (Section Leaders)
Module 4 – Tools for the role (Managers and Supporters)

Mandatory Online Ongoing Learning


Handouts from Area Training Courses

This list will be populated in time.